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Tell us about yourself.
I’m a student. I’m actually in Singapore to apply for my visa, so I can travel to Bali for my internship. I’m currently studying engineering agronomy, and I’ll be attached to a firm for five months as part of my internship.

Have you been to many places?
Not really. Besides France where I’m from, I lived in Spain for five months. I’ll be spending time in Indonesia because of my internship, but somewhere I really want to live in is Japan. People always mention the bright lights and fast pace of city life there, but I want to experience the other side of it, experiencing the culture and tradition, and living close to nature.

What’s something you miss about France when you’re away?
I miss cheese the most! I really like Mont d’Or—the name translates to “mountain of gold” in English, and it’s my favourite.

What’s something not many people know about you?
They usually think I’m cold and aloof when they first meet me, but that’s not true. Usually, I’ve found that when I do something stupid in front of people and make them laugh, it’s much easier making friends with them after that. (laughs)

Your outfit is from all over the world—does that reflect your outlook on life?
Maybe a little. I like a peaceful life, but I always feel the need to change things up every now and then because I get bored. I’m trying to work on projects around the world, so I can move somewhere new every two years or so.

What’s something you wish there was more of in the world?
Indian restaurants in France! (laughs) I love Indian food, but it’s hard to come by in France.

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