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Oyuna says that she likes to incorporate anything that is asymmetrical, multi-layered, or oversized into her look, although she sometimes feels that there is a slight disconnect between what she wants to wear, how she feels, and the dress code of her company and the position she holds. “I think I’ve finally found a personal style that’s acceptable for the office, however. It includes pieces like unconventional jackets, skirts, trousers, and blouses with unique features.” While Oyuna says she isn’t the best example of someone who perfectly manages a work-life balance, she tries to remind herself that work is not all of life. “Sometimes, it is difficult to control the circumstances, with our own ambitions driving the workload. But we ourselves are responsible for maintaining a balance, and my main rule is not to take work home over the weekend. A true vacation is one without access to my corporate email.” It’s clear that Oyuna is a big family person, and makes sure she always spends enough time with her family and two daughters. She’s also an avid reader, and says she is trying to foster the habit into her children. “It’s difficult in this world of speed and easy entertainment,” Oyuna says. “But I find that, depending on the mood or the circumstance, different books may touch you so unexpectedly deeply.” Originally from Russia, she lists the classics of her fellow countrymen Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and Bunin as some of her favourites, but also enjoys the work of authors like Márquez, Fowels, Remarque and Hemingway. Beyond books, Oyuna is also a fan of painting and photography, as well as alternative music and British soul. “Very often I stick to one song, and repeat it ten times a day!” In her own charming way, Oyuna is still very much a romantic, and believes that the small things matter. “I think we should care about each other, even in small ways, because it may make a big change for a better world.”

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