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I’m a digital designer.
I design websites and apps. The best part is to be able to create things that no one has ever thought of. Because I’m working in a global company, we seize every opportunity we get. We’re also helping a lot of people in general.

My favourite project:
We’re currently dealing with telco websites and that has been interesting. These days, the whole UX and designer game has been super hyped and learning about the infrastructure on the bigger scale is interesting.

Something nice that someone has done for me recently:
For me, it’s just back down to the basics where you have that one friend or couple of friends who will, at any point of day, take your call no matter the time. I cherish that a lot. I’m very soft-hearted by nature and feel that’s more than just being nice.

What’s one thing you feel all girls should have on-the-go?
I think they should have a pack of tissue paper. Like how men protect and provide, as women, we should also provide. In that sense, to always be that handy auntie. (laughs)

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

What’s something you’d tell your younger self:
Read more. I try to read these days. When I was younger I wouldn’t go through two pages. I’m currently reading a book about a lady who just came out of North Korea. A book that’s on my to-read list is In Order To Live by Park Yeon-mi & Maryanne Vollers.

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