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In your years at work, what’s something that you’ve learnt?
To be humble and to have perseverance. I think things can always be solved as long as you have the determination to get things done. One should also be competitive but in a healthy way, and not be jealous of others.

A piece of advice I’d give to those who’ve just started work:
Give your all, give your best, and a good time will come. Just go all the way and never look back! When you’re older, you won’t regret the hard work you’ve put in.

The best decision I’ve ever made:
I think so far, I’ve not regretted any of my decisions but at every transition point, it’s personal growth. I was a camp instructor before and I think that allowed me to have better leadership skills and to be able to talk to people as well. I came from a film background so all that knowledge actually helped make me into a multidisciplinary designer. I wouldn’t say that these decisions are the best but they’re well-connected.

What’s a dish that best describes you?
Rojak, I guess? I’m mixed—I’m half-Thai, half-Chinese.

Three people who have inspired me:
My dad because he’s very responsible when he works and he makes sure he’s always punctual. He’s also not too calculative over things. Secondly, my previous employer for his way of doing things, and the way he designs for people, which revolves around design thinking, has really inspired me. Finally, I also believe in the Confucius way of living. There’s this quote by him: “If there were one word that could act as a standard of conduct for one’s entire life, perhaps it would be ‘thoughtfulness’.” Thoughtfulness is an important value; I feel that everyone should be mindful about the people around them.

My biggest fear in life:
Failure. I’m a person who likes to have a direction in life, not specifically planned, but I’d like to know where I’d be at the end of the day. I guess whatever it takes, I have to be someone who’s useful.

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