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You have quite an interesting career. Perhaps you can share a bit of what you do.
I’m a writer and researcher at a theatre company. A lot of what I do involves writing to communicate the values of the theatre company and its works. On the side, I do a bit of programming for a café/art space.

How has your experience with theatre changed since the pandemic?
The biggest change is the fact that the audience and the performers cannot exist in the same space anymore. That is really challenging in terms of trying to re-negotiate the production’s relationship with the audience if they are no longer sharing the same space—because theatre is all about being live. It’s been quite interesting to explore the new format of digital theatre but I think it’s not going to replace live theatre. 

You’ve mentioned before that interactive theatre is your favourite type of theatre. Can you share what is it about interactive theatre that draws you?
I enjoy being able to co-create with the performer. My first experience with interactive theatre was when I attended a show by a company named Punchdrunk. The shift in performer-audience relationship is so different that the audience feels like they are part of the world, and they can in some ways curate how they view the experience.

Has your passion for theatre influenced your sense of fashion?
I work in theatre, which is fundamentally about make-believe, storytelling and experience. I got into fashion through vintage clothing. I guess that also has a certain element of fantasy about it as you can dress in clothing from different eras.

Another reason why I started buying vintage clothes is the experience, like the gratification felt when I can get a very good deal. You also remember the circumstances in which you bought the item, and to me, it makes it very special. My relationship with the clothes becomes a lot deeper as it’s now related to different parts of my life. 

Do you keep track of your experiences with thrifting then?
I bought so much vintage clothing that I started having to track my wardrobe with an Excel sheet. I have a rack in my room with the clothes that I wear most often. When I feel like changing up my outfits, I will check the Excel sheet and see what I can pull out from the rest of my wardrobe.

Do you have a tip for someone who is new to thrifting?
To exercise self-control and consider whether you really will wear it. Everything is so cheap in the thrift store and it is easy to want to buy everything. 

What is your greatest thrift?
The best item that I got from a thrift store was a Monse Resort 2020 top that retails at about $1,700—but I got it for about $4.

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