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Samantha says that before we asked her about it, she’s never really put her style into any category, but if she had to describe it, she’d call her work style “corporate, but with modernity and youth.” “Even if I were wearing a more mature dress, like today’s, I must be confident that the outfit does not make me look too old,” she says. “This means that I must be able to carry off the print or cut of the outfit well.” Samantha isn’t one to blindly jump onto just any trend bandwagon; in fact, she gladly admits that she tends to fall behind fashion by a little bit, and selects new styles that suit her personality, often working them into her workwear. “There are many ways to dress up within the permissible boundaries set by the company. I like to personalise my outfit with colours, prints, different silhouettes, and most importantly, shoes, since we cannot divert too much from the allowed standards.” These standards apply beyond fashion as well, although Samantha is wary of becoming too involved. “Be tactful,” she advises. “If you would like to butt into office politics or gossip, always stay under the current. If I’ve learnt anything valuable, it’s to keep a cool head and a warm heart. Try to think through everything logically and not be emotional about them, while not losing the human touch to things.” Another thing she advocates: working smart for a better work-life balance. “Leave work on time, and do not work overtime when it isn’t necessary.” Time is something that Samantha cherishes, and she says that she would travel more, among other things, if she had the time. “If I wasn’t working, I’d probably be a housewife, with the luxury of time to shop, play mahjong and poker, and have some kids two years from now.”

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