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Tell us about what you studied in university. Is it something you’ve always wanted to pursue?
I’m a lawyer in training. I’ll be taking the Bar exam in a couple of months and hopefully go into social and family law. It was actually my parents’ decision for me to study law; I was young and didn’t have much of a say, so once I finish my bond, I’m out!

My passion is in writing. I write a lot of poetry, fiction, and some plays too. I’m hoping to eventually pursue a Master of Fine Arts Degree and see where it leads me.

Tell us about the hardest piece of writing you’ve done.
I wrote a poem at the end of a seismic relationship.

It’s a sestina—a poem consisting of six stanzas where each line ends with a rotating set of six words—so technically, it was very difficult to write.

It was tough to write emotionally too, because it wasn’t easy having to process the feelings of grief, pride, and betrayal, which was why it took me a year to consider the poem complete.

We hear that you dabble in acting as well, what have you learnt about yourself since you started?
For the past year, I’ve been studying acting under Young & Wild, an acting programme by the local theatre company Wild Rice. I chanced upon their call for auditions and since I did theatre in university, I thought I could give it a try. It’s been a very cool experience and I’ve got some short films coming out soon!

Before I started acting, I was quite alienated from my own emotions. Through acting, I’ve been able to access my inner child and get in touch with myself, which I’ve found to be useful.

After studying abroad in Cambridge, was it tough getting used to life back in Singapore?
It was super hard since I had to enlist into the army right after I came back (laughs). Plus, it was hard fitting back in as old friends had found friends of their own.

I don’t think I’ll fully assimilate back to life here. This line from the movie Aftersun says it perfectly, “And there’s this feeling, once you leave where you’re from, where you grew up, that you don’t totally belong there again”. But I’m trying to find my place, and a new equilibrium.

On the other hand, what do you appreciate most about being back?
Food—the black carrot cake at Clementi market is a must-try—and of course, old friends and family who, even with their new ecosystems, interests, and lives, still feel just as comforting and familiar to me, because the old intimacies and muscles are the same.

Getting into the arts scene and meeting new friends is also something that I appreciate about being back, because its shown me that it’s possible to be a creative in Singapore.

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