A fresh graduate, Gracia says that if she could do anything she wanted, she’d love to be able to open a shop and bake cakes and tarts all day. She’s on the lookout for a job a the moment, and while she says that she doesn’t have a lot of work-appropriate clothes in her wardrobe, she knows what she’d definitely steer away from. “Bodycon short skirts or dresses, especially tawdry looking ones,” she says. “That’s a no-no for any kind of professional workwear.” Gracia can’t find the exact words to describe her personal style, but says that she’d choose pants or jeans over skirts or dresses any day. “But I do love a good slouchy dress to wear on lazy days.” Gracia typically keeps her look simple but personalises it by wearing a statement necklace or a pair of dancing earrings; she’s also a fan of stacking rings all over her fingers, so much so that her friends tease her by asking her about how many hands and fingers she has. In her free time, Gracia indulges in her love of baking, photography, and whenever she can, she heads out on foodie adventures. “And every other Saturday I’d be at Turf City running around with many others for the love of touch football.” She also tells us that her favourite movies are The Sound of Music and Parent Trap. “I can watch them again and again and again.” As Gracia moves into the next phase of her life, she keeps in mind a thing or two she’s learnt from her time at school. “Never be afraid to ask questions! Also, when you learn to prioritize, everything will fall into place and you will find time for everything and anything.”

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