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New Balance

What’s a decision you made in the past that you regret? 
None actually! I’m learning every single day to accept, let go of the past, and live in the beautiful present. After all, why dwell on things that cannot be changed or undone?

Do you have a happy place in Singapore, apart from your own home?
The gym or the yoga studio! Every time I step into the room, I make a conscious effort to leave all my worries for the day outside the room and take the time to really practise staying present in the moment. I also love how strong I feel after a workout!

If you had to describe three traits of a good friend, what would they be?
Being loyal, a good listener, and having empathy.

What’s a recent purchase that made you really happy?
I haven’t actually gone shopping in the longest time! This might not be considered a purchase, but something that made me happy was putting money into starting my multi-label store, WhatToWear Studio. I’ve been wanting to start something for a while now and I’m not gonna lie, it was incredibly scary leaving my stable, full-time job to step into the unknown!

The household chore you dislike the most is:
Laundry (laughs).

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