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What’s good to do/see in Romania, where you’re from?
A lot of people associate Romania with vampires but I think it is more than that! (laughs) Romania is a country with beautiful scenery. A lot of people go there to hike. It’s famous for history, and is rich in culture. The capital is known for underground arts and gigs. I think it’s even more ‘hipster’ than Berlin and other central European countries.

Most memorable trip:
Each one is unique and memorable. I do love Southeast Asia, and I went all around while living here. A few of my more memorable trips include skydiving in Australia, visiting the safaris in Africa, and just a lot of cultural adventures in Europe.

Best decision I’ve ever made:
Coming here and meeting my girlfriend. We actually met on Tinder. It’s very cheesy, but we’ve been together for a year now. It was our anniversary recently! We’re in a happy place and things are good.

I really love local food.
Sometimes when I go back to Europe, I’ll miss different things like char kway teow and laksa. I think I’m quite localised in that aspect.

What are you currently listening to/watching?
I’m listening to The National, one of the bands I love. I was also just listening to London Grammar on the way here. I’m currently watching a bunch of things: some of the Oscar-nominated movies like Moonlight and Lion, and a show called Love on Netflix. It’s an indie film, I think it’s quite dorky but interesting!

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