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What’s an occupation you dreamt of doing when you were younger? Has that changed for you over the years?
I wanted to be a forensic investigator—when I was younger, I was quiet and not as confident. Being a forensic investigator seemed like a job where I could do good while working behind the scenes. It has definitely changed over the years (laughs). As I do sourcing and designing now, I have to be more sociable and confident whenever I share my opinions or ideas. However, I still want to do good, so I’m focusing on how to increase sustainability in the fashion industry.

What’s a fashion trend you’ve been into recently? Alternatively, what’s one fashion trend you think you could never get into?
Recently, I’ve been into creating the effortless urban city vibe, like pairing formal wide-legged pants with sneakers. I don’t think it classifies as a trend though. As for a trend I wouldn’t get into, I remember that there was a period where people were really into the Adidas slides. I will never show my toes or wear slippers, no matter how trendy it is.

What’s the most recent thing you changed your mind about?
I used to think that it was easy to get a person to change their opinion or mind, as long as logical reasoning is provided. Pretty recently, I came to terms with the fact that almost everyone, including myself, is biased by nature and it’s not possible to always change a person’s mind or opinion.

Do you have an uncommon hobby?
I like to read and learn about war history. It started when I was a kid, when I asked my grandparents about World War II. I find it very interesting, because you learn about how wars influence the ways our society functions now. For example, without human experimentation in WWII, we wouldn’t have the antibiotics we have now!

What’s a cuisine you couldn’t live without?
Japanese. Hands down.

Is there a superstition you grew up with that you still believe in?
I don’t like the number 8. I believe that it’s unlucky for me—till this day, I’m iffy about having any association with this number.

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