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How has life been since we last talked?
It’s been both good and bad—things have been slowing down and the gentler pace is a little more relaxing. Even now, there’s more family time and more time to explore things we won’t usually make time for, like cooking, exercising, and catching up with people. What’s bad is that I get restless more easily and this period has been hard on my mother, since she can’t go back home to Thailand to see her family. We’re both learning how to adjust—these things take time.

You recently got a fresh new cut too—tell us about it.

The last time I did anything outrageous to my hair was cutting micro bangs last year, so I was feeling a bit bored with my hairstyle. I like changing things up now and then, it keeps things interesting and my outfits also look fresh because of the new hairdo. Green’s always been a colour I wanted to try and with everyone wearing masks, the only thing you can see these days is your hair, so why not go all out?

To you, what’s your idea of happiness?
Eating whatever I want (laughs). The freedom and the ability to eat nasi goreng, omakase and fried chicken whenever and wherever I want. It’s not very deep, I know—it’s not about having the money to or a dietary concern—food just makes me really happy and gives me that sense of satisfaction. Just not spicy food though—those just make me cry.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?

I think I have to say it’s my mother’s dishes first, if not she’ll be heartbroken (laughs). But other than her cooking, I think the grilled chicken I had at Koh Samet beach is still the best meal I’ve ever had. The beach atmosphere probably had a lot to do with it too. It was a street food stall—I think the best food comes from places that aren’t scrubbed clean till you can see your reflection. I can’t really explain it actually, it just tastes more real.

What’s one advice that you feel is always relevant?
Women don’t know what they want, but men don’t know what they’re doing (laughs).

What’s something you’re looking forward to in the future?

Taking off my braces! I love customising the colours for my braces—my dentist usually gives me two-toned shades—but it’s going to be good to remove them too and finally see my straight teeth properly.

Jenny was previously seen here.

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