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Tell us where you’re from and what brought you to Singapore.
I’m from Jakarta and recently visited Singapore to watch the Coldplay concert. I didn’t manage to get tickets for their concert in Jakarta last year, which was their first time in Indonesia, as it was only held on one night, so I was excited to finally catch them live, albeit in a different country!

We caught you in the middle of a long queue. What were you in line for?
I was in the queue for the French American Bakery at Haji Lane, where I tried the famous hot chocolate with torched marshmallow fluff that’s viral on TikTok!

Do you attend many music events back in Jakarta?
Yes! I like watching locals artists and attend We The Fest almost every year. It’s the most exciting music festival in the city.

My current favourite artist is Taylor Swift, but I unfortunately couldn’t get my hands on her concert tickets. Many of my friends managed to get tickets for the shows in Singapore though—so lucky!

What do you do for work?
I’m a relationship manager at a health insurance company. Technically I have to enjoy what I do since it’s my job, but I actually just accepted the first company that hired me (laughs).

That said, my dream is to work in a creative agency one day.

What are your resolutions for this year?
To make more money so I can travel wherever I want (laughs). I love tropical countries and beaches, so I’d like to go to Hawaii or the Maldives one day, perhaps for my honeymoon.

Any local beaches to recommend?
I travel a lot within Indonesia too; there are so many pretty beaches there, not just in Bali. One that I really like that is not so well-known is Pulau Komodo in Nusa Tenggara.

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