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Scott describes his personal style as “corporate man and party shirts — Tommy Bahama, mostly”. Because he works in a bank, his dress code is a tailored shirt and trousers. “It’s quite standard attire in the CBD, and difficult to personalise,” he says. “Matching a nice grenadine tie with your socks helps somewhat.” One thing he’s sure of, however, is that shoes should always be proper. “Some of the footwear I see people sporting is abysmal. Shoes should always be polished with rounded toes — pointy tip toes went out in the ‘80s.” Scott’s favourite parts of his job are the people and the location of his workplace, with plenty of good places to makan nearby. “If I could be anything I wanted to, however, I’d probably be a fighter pilot so I could wear sick Raybans every day.” Scott says he’s obsessive about having a routine, which helps him to manage his time. “I need to know that I leave home at X time, I’m eating lunch at Y, and I go to the gym at Z. Once I have these things in place, I know what free time I have for other things.” This is also probably why he hates it when people aren’t punctual. “It’s unprofessional and annoying,” he says. “Not just work, but social situations as well. If there’s a designated time and location to meet, ensure you account for things like the time it takes to get a taxi, bad traffic, etc. Use Google maps! People who are late bum me out.” Outside of work, Scott fills his spare time by eating quality burgers (“Mortons!”), walking his two awesome dogs (“They have a hashtag, #littleschnitzs”), playing videogames (“My PlayStation Network clan name is iLADS. I was once ranked number #2 out of 400k players globally in an old Xbox game online. I would have been number 1 but the player above me obviously cheated.”) and watching UFC on Sunday mornings with a cup of tea. One thing he’s learnt? “The optimal seats for the best audio & visual experience at IMAX are H19/H20.”

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