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Dr. Martens

Summer: not the weather, but a name — albeit an accidental one. Summer moved from China to Singapore with her family when she was very young, and attended primary school with only her Chinese name which, she shares, her English teacher found hard to pronounce. “She read out a list of English names and asked us to stop her when we heard one we liked,” Summer says. “I was very young then and didn’t understand any of the words, so I randomly picked one and it turned out to be ‘Summer’.” Decked in an off-shoulder leather top with ruffled sleeves, a pair of flowy pleated pants, and suede loafers, we like how Summer manages to incorporate so many different elements into her outfit by keeping the colours neutral. As it turns out, her eye for mixing and matching could come from her background in design; the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts student is now interning as a design assistant. Summer isn’t sure if this is the career she’ll eventually end up pursuing; however, as she puts it succinctly: “There’s no harm in trying.”

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