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Tell us about your upcoming job switch.
I was previously an art director at the newly opened F&B store, Tim Hortons, but I’ll soon be taking on a senior art director role at Skinarma, a streetwear brand where my husband, Jon, works. I’m really looking forward to launching campaigns with the brand.

What does your creative work process look like?
I like to go all out with my ideas, then reel them back in when things get too crazy.

As a creative, I also believe in trusting my eye for design. Although I can be very meticulous, I try to let certain things go because some things just don’t need nitpicking lah!

Share with us the story of how you met your husband.
We met super long ago, back in 2016. I was at a music event and happened to spot Jon performing on stage—he was a guitarist for the band The Great White Lark. I thought he was cute so I followed him on Instagram. He followed me back and we started talking from there (laughs).

We had a small wedding ceremony in 2021, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and have been married for three years now!

You’ll be moving in to your new place soon. How do you plan on furnishing the space?
Our Build-To-Order (BTO) flat will be ready in April this year, so we’ve hired an interior designer to start planing for the renovation. I’m making most of the decisions, but Jon is also picking out some tiles to make the place his own too. Our home is going to be a mismatch of styles, which I quite like.

Here’s a tip for first-time homeowners: keep an open mind to other ideas and interior designers. Before I started this whole process, I was very set on one designer, but when we met, I realised that our styles and personalities were not a match.

How do you practise self-care?
My ideal self-care day would involve making myself breakfast, lighting incense sticks, reading books, or going for a swim.

What genre of books do you typically reach for?
I really like war-related and mythology books, the most recent one being Circe by Madeleine Miller. The book centres around the Greek goddess Circe and tells a story of womanhood from her perspective.

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