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Tell us about what you do for work and how you got started in this career.
I’m a book and art curator. I started curating purely by chance, actually. I lived in Taiwan for a period of time where I worked in art publishing. Through work, I got to know many people in the arts circle like curators from Japan—since the two countries are so nearby—so I thought why not do something art-related too?

Since I have many connections with young artists in the region, it’s easy for me to source them for events such as Formula 1. I used to participate in the Affordable Art Fair and Singapore Art Book Fair as well, but I feel that people are buying less art by young artists nowadays.

I also work at an independent Chinese bookshop called Grassroots Book Room as I love to be surrounded by art and books.

What’s your favourite part about your job?
Being able to promote reading and art appreciation, as I believe that music, words, and art can enrich our lives. I also enjoy connecting young Asian artists to new audiences and providing them with new opportunities to help broaden their reach.

What are some books you’ve enjoyed reading lately?
L’invenzione Occassionale by Elena Ferrante, In Praise of Shadows by Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, and Spring Cannot Be Cancelled by David Hockney.

Tell us about your most recent trip abroad.
I just returned from a 21-day trip to Kyoto, Japan.

I like to visit Japan every year during spring or summer, and usually what I’ll do is start planning my wardrobe and what I want to buy for the next six months, then collect pieces from small shops and brands in Japan on my trip, as I don’t shop for clothes much in Singapore.

How would you describe your style?
Comfortable and timeless, with a touch of Japanese accents.

Give us some song recommendations.
Solitude by Ryuici Sakamoto, Distance Between by Akira Kosemura, and Le Matin by Yann Tiersen—some of my all-time favourite.

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