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Marc Jacobs

If I were a dessert…
I asked my husband and he said I’m a Gobstopper. Very hard on the outside (tough to crack), but once you suck a little longer—I guess get to know me better? (laughs)—you’ll get all the different surprising flavours. If a Gobstopper isn’t a dessert, then it would be crème brûlée—gotta knock me down first to get to know me.

You like to bake. What would your dream bakery look like?
White on white on white on white, and a pinch of grey and brown. Those are the colours of my rabbits (sorry, I love them, I’m so obsessed with them, they’re so cute). I’ve always dreamt my bakery/cafe to be a little corner and everyone’s lost in whatever book they’re reading. It’s rare to see people reading books now—they’re all with their phones.

Best piece of advice I’ve received:
“Don’t. Bite. Your. Fingernails.”
It was from my late mom. She really had those fullstops to further emphasise her sentence. So every now and then when I feel like biting my nails, I can practically hear her annoying voice in my head. But man, I would do everything to hear that annoying voice again, even for a millisecond.

One thing that most people don’t know about me:
I cannot sleep in the dark. I’ll imagine all sorts of things—ghosts, monsters, people trying to kill me, ghosts trying to kill me—you know, things people do in the dark. But I just got married, so bo pian la (no choice).

Quote I’m living by right now:
“Verily with every hardship, comes ease.” It’s a verse from the Quran. So whenever I have drama in my life (I have loads, everyone who knows me knows this), I repeat this verse over and over.

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