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Tell us more about yourself and where you’re from.
I’m from Guangzhou, China, and I’m in my second year of studying Fashion at LASALLE.

Before this, I finished a Diploma course in Fashion Media and Creative Direction at the same school, but I’m now focusing more on actually making clothes. I’m really into making things, like this necklace that I’m wearing.

Describe your personal style.
Honestly, I think I change personal styles a lot. A few years ago, I liked the Y2K style, but now, I just really like draped skirts because when I sew, I don’t like to be in tight-fitting clothes.

I would say I’m still trying different styles, but I generally like big silhouettes. I dabbled in designing clothes like that last semester, with huge sleeves and all. This semester though, the theme I’m looking into is fashion ecology, particularly forests, so the pieces I’m working on talk about the symbiotic relationship between mushrooms, humans, and forests.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?
I want to open my own studio. Although I’m in fashion design, I focus more on textiles and different materials. Last semester, I created different patterns and printed them onto fabric, so I’ve decided that I want to start a studio to sell textiles that I design.

Tell us more about your tattoos.
The one at the top of my left arm is of myself when I was 16—this was how I looked at the time (laughs). The one at the bottom of my left arm is one I designed myself last year. The one on my right arm is of my friends that I grew up with—they’ve supported me a lot in life. It was designed by my teacher, because I find it hard to draw something like this by myself, and then I ended up getting it done by another one of his students, who’s a tattoo artist.

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