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You have a really unique fashion style! Have you always dressed like this?
When I was a commercial interior designer, I used to dress formally in suits and ties. But after I left the practice in 2021, my fashionable friends helped me discover new ways of dressing that I never imagined. In fact, this fedora was given to me by a friend who thought I’d look good in it; he said our friendship would be over if I didn’t at least try it on (laughs). I then added my own touch to it with beads and a feather.

How long have you been rocking your long hairstyle?
I started growing my hair out in 2012. For one, I’m already 63 and am going to lose all my hair eventually, so why not grow it out while I still can? On top of that, I’m lucky to have very soft hair that is easy to shape and maintain.

However, my wife really dislikes my long hair—our styles are completely different!

What was the most memorable project you worked on as an interior designer?
I did a project for a multinational corporation that established a unit in Singapore. It was tough as I was pretty much a lone ranger for the whole project, but I managed to make it happen.

What have you been up to now that you’ve closed your interior design firm?
The word ‘retirement’ is not in my dictionary as I like to focus on what I can contribute to the society. I’ve been returning to my creative side by making art and taking up part-time jobs here and there, most recently at S.E.A. Focus for Singapore Art Week. I also hope to go into the fashion line with my friends one day.

Apart from that, I collect bird feathers as a hobby and continue to keep fit by training in Wushu (Chinese martial arts).

How did your art journey start?
I actually studied at the former Baharuddin Vocational Institute, Singapore’s first art school. In 1985, I participated in an Australian art competition as I thought it was a way to become famous (laughs). Surprisingly, they created a third prize just for me—my story was even published in the papers! I was really happy that they took a chance on my work.

That said, it wasn’t until 2018, when my mum passed, that I picked up the arts again. This time, I’m hoping to create something sellable.

How would you describe your art style?
CASE—Contemporary, Abstract, Symbol, Expression.

Tell us more about your feather collection. What a niche you’ve found!
It started by coincidence when I found a huge feather in a park a few years back. It was so beautiful with its intricate lining, and I just felt a connection with it. Since then, I started to look out for fallen feathers on my walks in the park. I never pluck feathers off of birds, dead or alive; I treasure each one that I find because they’re hard to come by.

I also believe in numerology, so I always take note of the date and time I find a feather and assign each one a unique number. It’s an ongoing project that I’m working on, and I’m in the process of selling some of my works online.

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