AUDI Q2 x SHENTONISTA: #Untaggable — Behind The Scenes

Most of us can say that we’re pretty deft at multitasking, but the four individuals we met and photographed for our Audi Q2 x Shentonista — #Untaggable campaign take it to a whole different level. Each of them are skilled in such a wide array of fields, and somehow seem to be able to juggle everything they do with enviable ease. The one thing they have in common, though, is a desire to keep on getting better at what they do, and to keep on exploring and trying. Here’s a look behind the scenes at how everything came together.

We first paid Jacqueline a visit at home. The breezy apartment also serves as the studio of this relationship photographer, and we set up the first shot in her sunlit balcony, turning the lens on her. We filmed the short video that makes an appearance in her post, featuring the different tools of her trades, as well as her unicycle, a gift from her mother.

Later, she showed us some of her skills on the same unicycle before we made the journey to Prep LUXE, the hair salon which she helped to set up and currently co-owns. Contemplative and eloquent, Jacqueline filled the car ride there with insightful conversation, some of which formed part of our interview. At Prep LUXE, she showed yet another side of her, chatting with the staff and catching up with some of the customers in store—less like an intimidating boss, and more like a visiting friend.

The next day we found ourselves heading to the Winstedt campus of LASALLE College of the Arts to meet Ginette. Although she usually lectures at the main campus near Bugis, it is here that she has a little weaving studio in the corner of a shared room. Surrounded by balls and skeins of wool and yarn, we photographed and filmed Ginette at work and play—weaving her latest masterpiece, and also impressing us with what she called “random” notes strummed on her hardy bass guitar.

However, it was clear that Ginette’s love of her life is her daughter, Luella. It was not hard to see why—the chatty, inquisitive girl, though feeling a little under the weather, stole the show the moment we met her back at Ginette’s home. We saw Ginette slip into yet another role as she gently tried to coerce the energetic Luella to stay still for a shot, but also entertaining all of the little one’s whims.

Less than a week later we packed our equipment and drove out to the Ture Building at 66 Kampong Bugis, the headquarters of Series Of Intentions and birthplace of many of Javier’s ideas. We met the man early in the morning, the start of what would become a whirlwind visit to his office, a brief survey of the Kilo restaurant, some bonding time at Camp Kilo Charcoal Club with his daughter, Amelia—another sweetheart who put up with the heat despite feeling unwell, too—followed by a stopover behind the counter at Grain Traders, and finally winding up the day at Kilo Lounge.

All in a day’s work for Javier as we saw him flit through his different roles throughout the day: from efficient businessman; to concerned father; to loving husband and son—Javier’s mother and wife, Sharon, who’s the co-founder of Series Of Intentions, came by for a visit—to both a boss and a service staff; to the thinker and doer who has made many of his dreams come to life.

Our final candidate in the series was Samuel, whom we had actually met some time back and finally reconnected with. This time, however, we got to know him better—we first packed into his office with a scenic view of the central business district, with the shelves that flanked the walls holding all manners of legal documents and folders.

The scene seemed to mirror itself, later on, at his cosy tailoring studio tucked away in Ming Arcade, with bolts of cloth and bunches of fabric piled high on every available surface. Quite fitting, then, as Samuel often draws parallels between his practice and his hobby-turned-business. Ever patient and quietly humorous, Samuel shared about what he’s been up to, and what’s to come.

The campaign left us marvelling at the way these multi-hyphenates find it in themselves to constantly push their own limits; of what they’ve done, what they’re doing, and what they can do. Even more inspiring, however, were the intentions behind the actions: their selflessness, creativity, conscientiousness, and daring. These, we found, were the things that were truly untaggable.

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This is a project for Audi Singapore.

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