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This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Paulina around; she’s dressed in her signature style of clean classics, with a sporty twist in the form of her signature sneakers. This suits her job in events marketing, which requires her to be “super sociable and fun”, as well as creative and organised. It’s clear that Paulina likes to have a little fun with her dressing, and doesn’t take fashion too seriously. We speak to her to find out what else makes her tick.

1. Do you think it is important for women to be well-groomed, and why?

It’s absolutely important. In the work environment, especially, because being well-groomed not only makes you look sharp and on point but also elevates your self confidence.

2. What’s the silliest/most outrageous thing you’ve done for beauty?

When I was younger and always late I would sometimes just wash half of my hair — only in the front — to look fresh and neat in no time! (laughs)

3. How do you find ways to match your makeup to your look? Are there any pet peeves or no-nos that you have when it comes to make-up?

Baby blue eyelids and a pink lipstick are absolute no-nos for me. I always try to look natural and not overdo it.


4. What is the craziest/most adventurous makeup look you have ever tried?

I’ve had my face painted into a flower for a photoshoot. Another one would be super glittery lips done by Dior.

5. How have your look and brow shape evolved over the years? 

To be honest it’s just become more neat, or at least I hope so. I like my natural shape; I just wish the brows were a bit fuller.

6. If you could only pick 1 type of make up must-have, what would it be and why?

Nudes and naturals — my concealer to cover up all the imperfections.

7. What is your usual look? What do you usually use?

Again natural — I simply use concealer, mineral powder and bronzer, and a mascara.

8. What are some items in your wardrobe/on your dresser that you can’t live without?

My jeans and my heels.


9. If you could wear a uniform of sorts for the rest of your life (to school/to work), what would your outfit consist of, and why?

It would be high-waisted, wide-legged pants with Chanel Oxfords and a white top. It can work for any occasion, it’s comfortable, and always in fashion.

10. Do you think Singaporeans have a sense of style, and do you think it’s changing/getting better/getting worse? What would you like Singaporeans to start embracing more?

I do think Singaporeans have a sense of style, I saw it especially during the recent Singapore Fashion Week. I also think men are really well dressed here. If there is something they should do it would be to have a bit more fun and take some risks in terms of fashion.

11. Could you tell us about what you’re working on right now, or a personal project that you would love to undertake?

In terms of work, we’re going to organize a lot of fun, high-end cocktail events, and hopefully a couple of fashion shows. For personal projects, I am currently working on a fashion blog with a friend. It will be called E&P — so I’m excited about that!

12. What is important for you to have at work, both in a material and emotional/psychological sense?

Most important for any relationship — be it work or personal — is honesty.  At work, I also appreciate structure and clear goals.


13. Do you think creativity can still exist even in the most corporate working environment?

I do think so. Creativity doesn’t have to be related to art or fashion; I’m sure many people around the central business district are great at coming up with creative solutions, creative business ideas, or creative improvements.

14. What is one thing you’ve learnt from your work/life experience?

From my work I’ve learnt that strategy and structure are really important to me and to the business. When I was younger I always did everything at the last minute, and never looked at things in the long term. It was only when I started working that I realized those things are important to me.

15. What’s the one thing you think you should be doing more of, or that you wish you had more time to be doing?

I wish I was doing more yoga, relaxation and meditation.

This is a Shentonista project for Browhaus Singapore.

For more information about Browhaus, visit their website here.

Join in the #BrowHunt by submitting your own selfie which you feel best represents Browhaus, and add #BrowHunt and @BrowhausSG. The winner wins up to $5,000 worth of prizes, $2,000 cash, and $3,000 worth of prizes from Browhaus, Spa Esprit, and Strip, as well as the opportunity to be the next face of Browhaus. Submissions close on the 14th of June.

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