CLUB 21 X SHENTONISTA: Different Strokes








Min-Li looks impeccably dressed, but this comes from experience, and she laughs at several memorable faux pas she’s committed in the past. “Where do I begin?! From unintentionally plunging necklines, to heels that have snapped, to wearing jeans to a meeting where everyone was in suits even though it was a Saturday—I have seen and done it all.” She puts all this behind her, however, and today her style is simple, but classy and stylish to show that she means business; staple pieces in her wardrobe include “the perfect button down shirt, a beautifully cut jacket, and a wonderful pencil skirt.” “At work, the focus should be on performance and the way you dress should serve to highlight that you are serious about your job, not about the way you look,” Min-Li says. Learning from her mistakes is also something that gets her by when she’s working. “I used to be a control freak and would take everything personally, but I realised that this would kill me sooner or later!” she says. “I have learnt to not be so hard on myself, to forgive my mistakes as long as I learn from them, and by the same token, to be more forgiving and giving with the people I work with.” And the most important thing for her to have at work? “My wits about me.” Wise words indeed.

Hair done by PREP. This is a SHENTONISTA project for Club 21.

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