Along with her signature stack of bracelets, rings, and necklaces, Nellie loves her heels, and she’s rarely seen without them; she believes that “a cute pair of heels” can amp up any outfit, even a plain shirt and jeans. “Heels are a huge part of my wardrobe,” she says. Describing her style as casual, edgy chic, Nellie also says that she has started to invest in clothes from international designer labels because she believes in spending money on quality. It helps that she works in an industry that has an open dress code, which allows her to exercise her creativity. “I’m generally a huge fan of people dressing up for work, and my only pet peeve would be when people don’t bother,” she says. “Have fun, experiment with different styles or a different colour palette to make your day a little more exciting because you’re dressing up in something different!” Something else that gets her excited about her job is when she gets to work with like-minded people. “People around me play a huge part in creating an ideal work environment,” Nellie says. “I feed off people’s energy and love to be surrounded by young, energetic and enthusiastic people who are extremely passionate in what they do.” We think Nellie’s colleagues are pretty lucky to have her too.

Hair done by PREP. This is a SHENTONISTA project for Club 21.

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