CLUB 21 X SHENTONISTA: The Beaming Girl









Beyond teaching at a design school, Aiwei dabbles in a host of other creative activities—she makes music, does films, sews and knits quirky clothes and accessories, illustrates, and turns old books into pieces of art. Everything she can get her hands on, basically. Aiwei’s mishmash of influences and projects is reflected in her personal sense of style; we all get the sense that only she could pull off an outfit as eclectic as this. She chooses an above-the-knee, loose-fit A-line dress as the one thing she could wear for the rest of her life, but we’re pretty sure it would be different in some way—with a bright graphic or vintage-inspired print, or in a mass of colour-blocked segments. Aiwei believes in a simple phrase to make sure she always looks spiffy: “Dress for the occasion.” If she had her own office space, Aiwei would like it to be in a place with huge windows, somewhere in the woods. “But with internet access,” she adds, laughing. “And with music. Life without music is like a fish trying to live on the land, to me.”

Hair done by PREP. This is a SHENTONISTA project for Club 21.

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