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Kate, Real Estate, dress from ASOS, necklace from Dylan Lex.
Javier, Real Estate, hat from Hat of Cain, tailored jacke, bag from Saint Laurent.
Jillian, top from H&M, tights from Cotton On Kids.

All shoes from Dr. Martens.

It’s clear that Kate and Javier each have a distinct style, which is well documented on both their Instagram feeds. Javier reveals that he’s the one who is usually behind the lens when it comes to all of Kate’s stylishly-shot photos, and while their daughter Jillian occasionally appears in frame as well, we wondered how she might react on set at Luxe Singapore, a restaurant that Kate had previously been to, since it was Jillian’s first proper shoot. Much to our surprise, and her parents’ as well, Jillian is practically a professional on set, citing America’s Next Top Model, her favourite show, as the reason why she was able to pose with such poise and quiet calm. She obediently entertains herself as we sneak Kate and Javier away to ask them some questions about how it’s like to be parents, and how they’re learning to be a family.

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Do you think your styles have changed at all, since you became parents?

Kate (K): Not really, I don’t think so! This is the way we usually dress.

Sometimes the little things can make or break an outfit. What do you personally look for when it comes to shoes and accessories?

K: It has to be statement pieces, but that are comfortable as well. Maybe more towards statement pieces, but it has to be something comfortable as well. Probably one thing that has changed is that you won’t see me in stilettos so often, because I have to run after Jillian!
Javier (J): Yeah, it’s the same for me — the comfortable statement pieces part I mean!

What are some of the items in your wardrobe or on your dresser that you can’t live without?

K: I can’t live without a white t-shirt and torn jeans.
J: Yeah, torn denim jeans, a good blazer. A hat.
K: At work we have to be a bit more formal.
J: Yeah, not too loud, depending on who we have to meet. We definitely dress differently when we go to work, and when we’re off work.

Jillian, what’s your favourite dress?

Jillian: My favourite dress is the pink dress, with a white skirt and pink polka dots.

Do you like to dress up?

Jillian: Yes. I like playing tea parties. I also have an Elsa costume (from the Disney movie, Frozen).

If you could wear a uniform of sorts for the rest of your life, what items would it include, and why?

K: I think it’s the three that I mentioned — torn jeans, a white t-shirt, and a blazer.
J: Plaid shirt, torn jeans, and sneakers or black boots.

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When it comes to dressing Jillian, what kind of styles/pieces do you look for? Who does most of the shopping/ styling in the family?

K: I do more of the shopping, while Javier does more of the matching. Jillian’s starting to pick out her own outfits as well. She’s a bit more conscious of what she’s wearing and what she wants to wear. For example, she’d pick a pair of blue shoes to match her denim shirt. I think we pick clothes for Jillian that are quite similar to our own dressing! (laughs) Like mini versions of ourselves, and she seems to be enjoying that.

How do you (try to) balance your work life and family life? Or what are the little things you do to make sure that neither one is compromised?

K: We have quite irregular work hours. I guess we’re more busy during the day while she’s in school, and we try to go out on Sundays. We try at least! So we have a bit of family time.
J: We try to spend time with Jill before she sleeps, or we go out for a meal together.
K: We go to Toys ‘R’ Us! She loves it.

What’s the one thing you think you should be doing more of, or that you wish you had more time to be doing?

K: In an ideal world, we’d have enough time for ourselves and for her. In an ideal world! But yeah, it’s all about finding a balance.

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What has Jillian taught you over the years? What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced, as young parents?

K: She’s taught us patience. I think every parent would say that. You’re only seeing the good side of her today! I also used to be very resistant to a lot of things, to change and all. But I think she’s taught me to do more things with an open mind. Everything is new to her, so she’s more explorative and inquisitive, and I think I’ve picked it up from her. Last time I was more set on doing things my way. Now, I have bit more of an open mind and open heart.
J: I used to be very impatient as well. I wanted things to be fast, so now I have to bring myself back to her level.

K: I think we’ve also learnt to be more responsible.
J: Yeah, responsibility, and time management.
K: Time management because you want to do everything!
J: Right now it’s more about Jillian, not so much about ourselves.
K: It’s either work or her. When was the last time we caught a movie, man? (laughs)

What’s your favourite thing to do together as a family?

J: Watching movies.
Jillian: I watched Inside Out. I like Disgust (the character).
K: Oh, we love going to the beach.
Jillian: I like Botanic Gardens.
K: Things we never used to do, to be honest! Now we’re more outdoorsy in a way, because of Jillian. Even when we chose a school for her, the main priority was to have an outdoor place, with a garden. Because we think that learning should be very hands on and exploring, not just confined to books. So that was very important to us.

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In light of Dr. Martens’ #standforsomething campaign, as a family, what’s the one thing you stand for? What do you personally believe in, be it at work, or in life?

K: I think for me, it’s independence. Even though we are parents, we don’t lose ourselves, in our dressing and so forth. And as much as we partake in Jillian’s growth and development, we also want her to be independent.
J: Yes, to have her own say in things.
K: I think that’s the main thing we always drill into her. Even from a young age, when she falls down, we never fussed over her — we just told her to pick herself up, that it’s okay, just brush off your knees. And because we’re so busy at work, she has to take care of herself and entertain herself.

Which artist are you currently into at the moment? Who’s your all-time favourite musician or band?

K: Justin Bieber! (laughs)
J: Yes! (laughs) But we have a lot of all-time favourites as well. Nirvana, old-school grunge, indie music. Foals.
K: The Killers. Yeah, I think I’m still very old-school.

If there was one thing you’d like to say to each other, what would it be?

K: We say a lot of things to each other!
J: Nothing we have not said!
K: Yeah, I think we’ve covered it all.
J: Keep moving forward?
K: But stop to enjoy life as well.
J: Don’t overthink.

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