Heineken x Shentonista: Moderate Drinkers Wanted — Girl About Town


Isabella, Sales & Marketing. Top & skirt from Bangkok, shoes from BCBG, clutch from Alexander McQueen.

Isabella was enjoying her weekly girls’ night out when we approached her, and she was dressed for the occasion in a playful, bird-print crop top and heels, plus a rugged jacket to balance out her look. It seems that Isabella consciously tries to make time to spend with her friends, over dinner and a drink or two, as it helps her to cope with the demands of work. We speak to her to find out more.

Shentonista (S): What do you do for work, and how is it?

Isabella (I): I work at Facebook, doing sales and marketing from business to business. It’s great! I love my team, and I get to talk to a lot of small enterprises, local businesses, and APAC teams.

S: Your top and skirt are from Bangkok; did you recently go there?

I: No, but I just shop there a lot, from the local Thai designers.

S: How often do you go?

I: About once or twice a year.

S: Do you usually go to Bangkok with friends?

I: I do go with friends, but sometimes I head there for work.


S: How often do you head out for drinks, and who do you usually go with?

I: I meet with my girlfriends once a week for drinks.

S: How much do you usually drink?

I: Not a lot — maybe 2 glasses of wine, over dinner.

S: Are you aware of your alcohol limit?

I: My personal limit is probably not very high now, because I don’t drink as much as I used to. I feel that, as I’ve gotten older, I drink more as a way to chill over dinner, so it’s usually just 2 or 3 glasses of wine.


S: How do you keep your alcohol intake under control? How do you stop yourself from drinking too much?

I: Knowing my own limits, and knowing that by the next day I don’t want to feel like shit.

S: In our culture where alcohol is easily accessible, do you think it’s important to drink moderately?

I: Yes, I think it’s important to know our own limits, like knowing where you feel good at and where you feel comfortable, and when’s a good time to stop. It’s more about knowing yourself, what you can handle, what you like, and knowing that you don’t want to wake up the next day feeling completely crappy.

S: Besides going out for drinks, what other activities do you enjoy? Any other hobbies?

I: I’m into dance, and do different types of dance at least once a week. It’s my form of exercise.


S: What would you describe your personal style as?

I: I like things that are more casual; I’m not usually very over the top. I like things that are more unique and individualistic, I guess that’s why I don’t usually shop in Singapore because I don’t like buying things that everybody else has.

S: So that’s why you like to shop in Bangkok?

I: Yeah, I shop a lot in Bangkok and South Korea. So for me, I think it’s about having your own style.

S: What’s your personal go-to when you’re having a stressful day?

I: I like hanging out with friends and spending time with people that make me laugh, or going to the dance studio because I have friends there too.


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This is a Shentonista project for Heineken Singapore.

Find out more on Heineken’s #ModerateDrinkersWanted contest here.

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