We Need A Hero x Shentonista: Look Of A Hero—By The Book

In this series for We Need A Hero, we feature some of our favourite men sporting four of 2018’s upcoming hair trends.

When you first get to know him, Loren appears to be full of contrast. He may look like a gentle-natured schoolboy in this outfit, but, as we soon find, his quick wit suits the personality of a standup comedian. And although he seemed quite shy and endearingly nervous in front of the camera, with a whole crew watching his every move, Loren’s actually used to even bigger crowds, occasionally playing the guitar and singing as part of a two-man band. The Sri Lankan-Thai-Chinese loves to travel and has dreams of being a pilot some day, but he’s grounded for the time being, finishing up his studies in university. There’s much more in life that he has to learn, Loren shares, and with his open heart and mind, we think he’s well on his way.

Shentonista (S): Do you think it’s important to be well-groomed, and why?
Loren (L): Yes. How you groom yourself determines how people look at you, and it’s always nice if others have a positive first impression. I mean, when have you ever heard the saying “love at first personality”?

S: What are your usual grooming habits?
L: I don’t usually have an intense grooming procedure. Besides showering, I’ll do my hair, brush my teeth, and if I feel that my facial hair is getting too out of hand, I’ll probably shave it all off. It would be nice if I could grow a nice beard but my facial hair just doesn’t look good. I try and choose what I want to wear in advance so I don’t have to rush.

S: What do you think is the most important feature/aspect to take care of to make a good first impression?
L: I don’t think there is a ‘most’ important feature. I think everything is important, starting from how you style your hair to how well-dressed you are or even the type of cologne you use. I think it’s really how confident you are as a person.

S: Anyone that you look up to for style inspiration?
L: I don’t have anyone in particular that I look up to. But I do like the modern 1930’s-1940’s style that’s going on.

S: Tell us about a haircut/style you’ve regretted.
L: When I was a kid, my mum used to bring me to get my hair cut, and I never found out what she would tell the barber but I would always end up with bowl-shaped hair. I absolutely hated it! Moral of the story: never bring your mum to get your hair done in the salon. You never know what will happen. (laughs)

S: What’s a look that you’ve always wanted to try?
L: I’ve always wanted to wear a kick-ass grey suit, grow my hair out really long, and have a sick beard.

S: What are you currently studying, and why?
L: I’m currently finishing my Bachelor’s degree in marketing—typical, I know. I believed that marketing was fun, being able to bring out your creative side. However I’ve learnt that what we study in school cannot really be fully applied in the real world. Work, on the other hand, helps.

S: What’s your dream job? And your Plan-B, ‘if-all-else-fails’ career choice?
L: Definitely to be a pilot! I personally don’t think that there’s any other that can compare. I actually do have a set of life plans from Plan B to E. (laughs) Maybe if all else fails, I’d join the army!

S: We’ve heard you’re really into travelling. What’s on your travel bucket list? Must-do/must-see?
L: My bucket list is never-ending. In fact, I think I’m adding on more to the list than I’ll actually ever get to scratch off! (laughs) I really do want to do a Southern America trip, though, and I have a rough route in my head. I’ll start down in Chile and head north towards Bolivia to see the Salt Flat Lakes. I’ll then go to Peru to check out a couple of llamas and of course, Machu Picchu. Then off I go to visit Ecuador, Colombia, and I’ll probably end up in Mexico. But for now, I’m waiting to tio 4D or TOTO! (‘strike 4D/TOTO’ in Hokkien) If not, no money ah.

S: Can you share something interesting/unusual about a country that you visited?
L: I would say the service standards in India. I really respect how they always try their best to deliver the best service they can to all their customers. You can literally get someone to run all types of errands for you—if you pay them enough, that is. There’s even a mobile app for this. They’ll also always try to serve you the best they can even if they don’t understand you. (laughs) They have their own version of UberEats in Mumbai called the Dabbawala. Those guys are even recognized as a Six Sigma organization. That’s crazy!

S: If someone were to offer you an unlimited supply of one thing (besides money), what would you ask for?
L: Time. Don’t we all need more time!?

S: If you have to live alone for the rest of your life which place would you choose to live in and why?
L: I honestly don’t think I’ve travelled the world enough to choose a country. From all the places I’ve visited so far, I’d pick New Zealand where it’s quiet and beautiful. I’ll own a farm with a huge plot of land with many animals (you didn’t say anything about animals).

S: Naughtiest thing I’ve done:
L: (laughs) I’m sorry but I don’t think I should answer this question. Next!

S: I’d tell my younger self:
L: “Stop thinking you know everything, dumbass!” The world is so much bigger than you think and there’s so much more to learn and see. Keep an open mind and get ready to get your mind blown, boy!

S: What’s a quote/philosophy that you live by?
L: “Stop thinking you know everything, dumbass!”

 Find out how to create Loren’s look here.
Loren wears sweater, jacket, and pants from HUGO, which will be launched next year.

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