OASIA x SHENTONISTA: Journey Well — Behind The Scenes

We celebrate many things—birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, births, promotions—but less celebrated are the people who care enough to try to make a difference. For Oasia Hotel Novena’s 7th birthday, and Oasia Residence, Singapore’s 2nd birthday, we wanted to do just that: feature two personalities who are making an impact in their own ways, and to share their inspirational stories.

Along the way, we learnt what it means to journey well, be it along the race of everyday life, or travelling from one destination to another. Our chosen candidates—Sofie and Calvin—taught us ways to refresh, refuel, and recharge, whether in a state of balance or constant movement, with Oasia’s help. Here’s a look behind the scenes of how the campaign came together.

We started the day with a journey to the west—to Oasia Residence, Singapore, that is, located along West Coast Crescent. Here, the residence overlooks a swimming pool drenched in sunlight, and 2- to 3-bedroom suites provide respite for longer-term travellers and visitors. It was in one of these rooms that we met Calvin for the first time, and even though he hadn’t gotten his dose of coffee just yet, he proved to be the disciplined athlete we knew him to be, powering through the first photos of the day.

Later, we headed downstairs to the lobby lounge of the residence, where a few late risers were still leisurely enjoying their morning juice. Here, Calvin transformed into the consummate, sharply-dressed professional, refuelling for another busy day of work with a bracing coffee and a stopover at the pantry.

Calvin’s set ended at the gym, where he was clearly the most in his element. No stranger to the treadmill or the training systems, he seemed recharged by the end of the shoot, and we bid him a brief farewell before we saw him again later that afternoon.

We headed back towards town to Oasia Hotel Novena, where the homely, welcoming Club Lounge played host to Sofie for the day. Located on the 22nd floor of the hotel, and open only to Club Room guests, the lounge provides light refreshments and beverages from day to night, with breakfast away from the rest of the crowd in the morning, and cocktails in the evenings. Sofie settled into one of the plush chairs in the lounge and seemed completely at ease, even with the camera and plenty of eyes on her.

Though it was mid-afternoon by then, the pool at the club lounge provided respite from the day’s heat. Sofie changed into her usual workout attire, and we photographed her doing a few stretches in front of the refreshing, expansive view.

Then, it was one final outfit change and photograph for Sofie, posing poolside, as the golden rays of the late-afternoon sun lit up the open deck of the Club Lounge. Ever camera-ready, Sofie put her  years of experience of being in front of the lens to good use, making it almost effortless to capture her.

The day wasn’t over yet, however; we reconvened in one of the rooms at Oasia Hotel Novena, together with Calvin, to film our special Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) teaser video. Though it took us multiple tries to get everything right—from the script that Sofie and Calvin had to memorise, to the timing and placement of the additional hands coming into frame, and the precise sounds we had to record—Sofie and Calvin were extremely patient, and the smiles never wavered from their faces even though this was something entirely new to them.

It was finally the wrap of a long shoot, and we couldn’t be more thankful to Sofie and Calvin who pushed through the day. We truly enjoyed seeing them bring the different spaces to life, and showing us what journeying well really looks like. Happy birthday, Oasia, and here’s to many more years of caring for others.

If you’d like to experience what it’s like to Refresh, Refuel, and Recharge the Oasia way, a 2D1N staycation could be yours by taking part in the giveaway the team is running on Oasia’s Instagram and Facebook  pages. Head over for more details.

This is a SHENTONISTA project for Oasia Residence, Singapore and Oasia Hotel Novena, in celebration of their 2nd and 7th birthdays, respectively.

Read Sofie’s feature here, and click here for Calvin’s feature.

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