SAM x Shentonista: What’s In A Name

Who is Natasha to you? Are they a loved one? Your favourite fictional character? Perhaps even yourself?

Or maybe Natasha is a work of art—the fruit of the labour of an artist toiling away at their craft, as a commentary on a particular worldly issue.

Natasha could be all of these, and none of these at all—anything you want them to be.

Come unpack this name with us in a special collaborative series with Singapore Art Museum (SAM). Stay tuned; there’s more to come in the week ahead.

P.S. Come by SAM at Tanjong Pagar Distripark on 14 & 15 Jan between 1–5PM to be spotted and photographed by the Shentonista team! Entry to the Singapore Biennale galleries is free from 6 to 15 Jan. Check out for more details.

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