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After a decade-long run in the aviation industry and even more years gallivanting across borders, it’s safe to say that Sisca has been there, done that when it comes to travel. And yet, the hunger for new experiences and longing to create new memories continue to thrive in her, perhaps more so now that she’s seeing the world for the first time once more through the eyes of her vivacious tween daughter, Giselle. We rendezvoused with the mother-daughter duo, who’re like two peas in a pod, even finishing each other’s sentences as they recounted cherished moments from their best family vacations.

What’re your top three family travel destinations?
The Amalfi Coast for its pretty towns, Maldives for its scenic views and countless activities, and Seoul—they’re all very kid-friendly too!

Tell us about your most memorable trip with the family.
All our vacations are so memorable, but one that Giselle particularly enjoyed was our trip to California. We visited many theme parks, did a lot of shopping, and went on a road trip from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara. We had a lot of fun and good laughs throughout the trip!

How does travelling bring you together as a family?
Well, to start with, we’re (Giselle, my husband, and I) a very close-knit family, so we spend most weekends and days off together. That said, since we’re all busy with our own school or work commitments, travelling has become our way to spend undivided quality time as a family.

Do you still remember Giselle’s first time abroad?
Oh yes, I do! If we’re talking about the very first time, then it was our trip to Italy when she was five months old in my belly (laughs). Shortly after she was born, we brought her to Indonesia (where I’m from) to visit family. She doesn’t remember that trip, of course, but it was very heartwarming when her grandparents got to meet her for the first time, and we’ve been back many times since.

How do you immerse yourself in the culture and environment of the places you visit?
Indulge in local foods and visit museums.

The essentials aside, what are some of your must-have items when you’re travelling?
Sunglasses are a must-have for me no matter if it’s hot or cold out. I also like to bring along reusable bags to be a little more environmentally-conscious when we shop, and since they’re often chargeable now. We like to read too, so Giselle will pack her own books while I read e-books on my phone.

Which do you appreciate more as a traveller—planning ahead or spontaneity?
I’d say that we’re a family of planners, especially myself (laughs). Whenever we travel, we book our tickets in advance and make sure that we have a clear itinerary before we arrive at our destination. Our bags are also usually packed at least three to five days before we leave.

On that note, what do you look out for in a luggage?
My number one criteria for a good luggage is that it has to be lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, with good quality wheels. As a bonus, it should also have a large capacity and material that doesn’t get scratched easily.

You shared that you still have your first Samsonite luggage from 23 years ago. What journeys has it seen you through?
I bought that luggage for my first job as a flight attendant and, wow, it’s been with me through 12 years of flying, to more than 50 countries! Amazingly, it’s still in good condition after all these years, and I still use it every now and then. I must say I’ve been really impressed by Samsonite’s quality.

Sisca was previously seen here.

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