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Our UOB Cards x SHENTONISTA campaign kicked off — where else — at the iconic UOB Plaza Towers. Split over a total of four days, each shoot day saw us meeting with different faces and personalities from a variety of backgrounds and industries, all coming together to feature an exclusive Anna Sui tote bag, designed in collaboration with UOB Cards, and to share stories about themselves and what they believe the best things about being Singaporean are.

First up was Brad and Melody, who filled the set with their charming banter and funny anecdotes about each other’s little habits. Brad even managed to help Melody with her outfit-of-the-day photo, and the couple’s clear love for each other got us all rooting for them by the end of the shoot. Next up was Rachel and Viola, who are the brains behind local label Love, Bonito. Rachel was all polished professional, striking pose after pose with the ease and grace of a seasoned model, while Viola charmed us all with her uninhibited laughter and immeasurable patience. We then met with Peggy, who battled pigeons and the office crowd with nary a blink of an eye, and Celeste, who touched us all with her concern for the team’s wellbeing when it started to rain. Siblings Benjamin and Narelle came after, and turned us into fans with their down-to-earth natures and easygoing, amicable personalities — not to mention their camera-ready looks. Tracy then battled the midday sun and scores of tourists for her photo, bearing the heat and keeping spirits up with her positivity and effortless style. Rebecca continued the good vibes with her playful antics on set, and Patricia finished off the day and the campaign with a bang with her dramatic poses and boundless energy.

We had a great time meeting everyone and getting to know them better, and would like to thank everyone involved for their endless patience and good cheer that kept us going through the longest of days. We were truly inspired by all your stories.

Visit here to view all the features from the campaign.

The limited edition Anna Sui tote bag featured is not for sale. Find out how you can get one at here.

This is a Shentonista project for UOB Cards, in collaboration with Anna Sui.

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