UOB One Account x Shentonista — Behind The Scenes

“What are you working for?”

This question formed the basis behind our campaign for the UOB One Account, and we took this opportunity to delve deeper into a variety of occupations that aren’t commonly explored and are oftentimes misunderstood. We sought to give an insight into what these jobs entail—the sides less seen, the challenges that we don’t know about, the unspoken struggles, all for the sake of their dreams, or for someone else’s. Over a period of two weeks, we visited four different workplaces and spent the day with a mix of different personalities in various careers: a mechanic, two teachers, a doctor, and a radio presenter.

First up was Hafiz. The mechanic dreams of opening his own workshop in Australia some day, but for now, he’s learning the trade and earning his stripes at a workshop in Jurong East, just one of the many that make up the rest of the building. Here, amidst vehicles coming in throughout the day for repairs or maintenance, and the teasing of his colleagues, Hafiz struck his first few poses for the camera. After that we followed Hafiz around as he got to work, photographing the different aspects of his job as he shared more about what he does.

That weekend, we paid a visit to Khairyl and Magdelene’s home which they share with their helper and two young daughters. Older daughter Kyra, who suffers from a rare genetic disorder which affects her motor skills, was cheeky and all smiles on set, while Bella was shy but curious. Khairyl and Magdelene were both seasoned pros in front of the lens—years of taking photos with their ex-band, The Great Spy Experiment, seemed to have come in handy. We got a picture of the tight-knit family in their cosy home, and sat down to speak with them about the challenges they face not only as teachers, but also as parents.

The week after we found ourselves on familiar ground—in Raffles Place, the heart of the central business district, where Mark’s clinic is located. We’d never realised his workplace was right beneath our feet, and as we filed into his clinic we were surprised by the number of people that were there. Mark was the only doctor on shift that day, and we waited as he apologetically attended to a constant stream of patients. It was an uncharacteristically busy day, he told us, and finally resorted to closing the clinic an hour early so we could photograph him. Still, there were a couple of patients that needed his urgent attention while on set, and we sensed Mark’s dedication to not only his work, but to the people he treats.

Finally, we took a trip to Charmaine’s recording studio in Toa Payoh and got a first hand look into how it’s like to be on air, broadcasting to thousands at a time. Seeing Charmaine energetically, enthusiastically speaking into the microphone while her audience remained unseen behind four blank walls, we realised that there was more to the job than we thought. We were also given an insight into what goes on behind the airwaves: the editing, the research, the planning, and the unexpected nerves.

We all have different motivations for doing what we do, and this was became clear during our campaign. Whether it was to support their families, or to bring their dreams to life, the five individuals we spoke to showed us what it means to truly work hard and to pursue their passions. A big thank you to Hafiz, Khairyl, Magdalene, Mark, and Charmaine for letting us into your work and lives for a day, and for inspiring us to give our all in whatever we do.

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This is a Shentonista project for the UOB One Account, which works just as hard as you do. Find out more here.

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