We Need A Hero X SHENTONISTA: Constructing Romance





Ermenegildo Zegna









We’ve met Maxi before and we were impressed then, but we were equally enamoured with his outfit in our second meeting as this time, he worked a pastel palette with panache. His attention to detail was similarly impeccable – the spiffy polka-dotted tie, the artfully folded pocket square, the nonchalantly hooked sunglasses and the jaunty tie pin all showcased his sense of style and fun. Quite the sweetheart, Maxi shared that he wishes he could have a proper dinner with his parents whom he’s not seen for a while (“they don’t share the same country code and my working hours are so chaotic!”) and that if he were stranded on a desert island, he’d like to include “the future Mrs Maxi” as part of his three must-haves. Such a romantic. Maxi was previously spotted here.

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  • Gosh he’s from a construction background… Is the helmet a prop or his own personal helmet… I don’t carry safety helmet around… Is he even a genuine construction guy… I can’t even bear to wear long sleeve shirt let alone a coat..

  • Hello there,
    Maxi is indeed working in the construction sector and that is his personal helmet. He has mentioned before that he’s on a mission to change the misconception that “all construction boys are rough, dirty and uncultured” and he’s holding true to that.

  • I like the concept of rough rugged etc… Dirty and uncultured? Oh come on, does that mean that I must dress my market butcher like him then… I bet he stays in the office and go on site for a few minutes and drink kopi…

  • May I add that the credentials of him being in construction industry should be verified and stated clearly.. Such a big industry, constructing a kids playground can also be considered construction..Shouldn’t you provide verification like the name of the company etc. or name the current site location that he’s working on or name of project.
    How can readers be assured of the credibility of what’s mentioned here? Should there be any false claims or false statement made, who then shall be liable for providing inaccurate & misleading information. Once again, this would only question the credibility of the information posted in this blog. Just my opinion 