Chain Reaction

Featuring (from left to right, top to bottom): Clara, Jolene, Charmaine, Joylene, Kimberly, Chloe

As is tradition in fashion, trends from yesteryear often make a reappearance with necessary updates. Chain-link jewellery has been making a return, but unlike the chunky gold pieces that were all the craze in the ’80’s, we’re seeing them come back in a more toned-down silver hue. Gone are the days of bulky showpieces: chain-link jewellery can now seamlessly accessorise both prim and proper office wear and edgy, comfortable streetwear.  Go for a glint of metal against a dark top for subtle bling, or choose a statement piece with more weight for a bolder look. If statement accessories seem too big a commitment, crossbody bags with chain straps are a comfortable way to ease into the trend. No matter your choice, chains are an innovative way to add a metallic edge to your ensemble without being over-the-top.

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