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Best decision ever:
Instituting work-life balance, both to myself and the design studio which I lead. While that’s probably atypical of the industry, it has paid off on rare days when I require those extra hours—my guys are willing to put in their heart, soul, and sweat to make things work.

What inspires you to continue to do what you do, day in and out?
Lunch. I take my lunch decisions pretty seriously. My comfort food includes poké bowls, and I go to A Poké Theory quite frequently.

Tell us about one milestone in your career.
My first hire after I started my practice—it was the moment where I realised that I’m responsible for this person’s livelihood and development.

What is one thing you wish you had more time to do?
Pick up an instrument—I love listening to music, and it would be nice to be on the other side of things, such as  making music.

If you could time travel, which moment would you visit and why?
I’ve always wondered if it’s economically possible to travel to the Moon or Mars within my lifetime. If not, I’d love to time travel to the future when we can.

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