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Daisy Yellow

Sasha is like a ray of sunshine in this daisy-yellow skater dress and matching sneakers. She has a personality to match too, exuding bubbly confidence when we speak to her. The business student was in Shenton Way to meet her mother for a dinner date, and it’s clear to see where she gets her style chops from. She tones down the bright colour of her dress with a long navy cardigan and fuss-free carry-all bag, creating a look that is both youthful, fun, and timeless. “I like that fashion has no rules,” Sasha says. “I love bright colours, and I don’t really wear sneakers that much, but I just felt like wearing them today!” Sasha also unabashedly says that she likes to collect sunglasses, and had to have a good think when we asked her where her the pair she’s wearing is from. Fun fact: Sasha is a huge fan of Lara Croft, and has a pet turtle named after the Tomb Raider.

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