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When it comes to what I wear:
I stay pretty near a lake so I try not to get 100% cotton because they encourage mould infestation. I’m boring with colours now, haha. I like clothes that can be worn here in Singapore and anywhere up in the mountains. Some kind of duality in the fashion functionality sense.

Dream job:
I’d be a sherpa! They’re nomadic people from the Himalayas. A lot of them are so used to the mountain routes that they work as guides for people who are climbing.

Best piece of advice I’ve received:
I can’t recall, but whatever it is, it’s been serving me well!

Best piece of advice I can give:
Keep a diary. As you can tell, I have bad memory.

I de-stress by:
Giving voices to all my soft toys. Okay, I’m kidding. Okay, I’m not.

I live by:
This thought from Marshall Berman: “To be modern is to find ourselves in an environment that promises us adventure, power, joy, growth, and transformation of ourselves and the world—and at the same time that threatens to destroy everything we have, everything we know, everything we are.”

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