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I’m a manager at a shoe shine company.
I ended up in this job because of my interest in shoes. My favourite kind are leather shoes because of their shape, design, and clean look. 

What’s something people don’t really know about you?
I’m a fast-paced person, and I like to get things done quickly. This applies to my work as well, and I’m able to get a job done within half an hour. Because I’m a chiong (Singlish for rush/fast) guy, I tend to get impatient. My work perk-me-up is looking forward to the end of the day at 7pm!

How would you describe your fashion sense?
When I’m at work I’ll wear a suit. If not, I’ll just wear simple, clean streetwear.

A philosophy that I live by:
Never give up on what you’re doing. Just do it, even if it means living with your mistakes.

Favourite song:
Humble by Kendrick Lamar.

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