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Once More

When I’m feeling overwhelmed…
I tend to eat my feelings. I believe that good food is the solution to almost every problem.

Best decision ever?
I recently went on an impromptu trip to Iran with two friends and it was one of my most memorable trips by far. The trip was definitely off the beaten path but it was such a culturally-rich experience and we met so many interesting people. We stayed overnight in the desert and got caught in a sandstorm—definitely one of the highlights of our trip! Although we spent 12 days there and visited five cities, I’d visit Iran again in a heartbeat.

Guilty pleasures:
Taking long afternoon naps on the weekends or on my days off.

Favourite movie/TV shows/book?
I’m a huge fan of crime fiction and I love anything by Gillian Flynn. Her works are really dark and twisted but that’s the appeal of her writing—Gone Girl would probably be my favourite book.   

I would tell my younger self:
To stop stressing about the need to fit in and to just be yourself. It’s clichéd but it saves me a lot of unnecessary anxiety!|

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