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If you could live in a book/movie, what would it be and why?
Harry Potter. Why not!

I would tell my younger self:
It’s not which decision you make, it’s what you make of the decision. Everything happens for a reason, and it will all be clear one day.

Best decision ever?
Not rushing to job hunt in university and taking a good long break before finding my first job. I ended up getting into an amazing graduate programme and picked up new skills in digital marketing and programmatic trading. As digital investment has yet to peak in Southeast Asia, this is possibly the most exciting time to be in the advertising technology industry. I’m glad I took the leap from my background in Public Relations to try something completely new.

Guilty pleasures:
Bubble tea, 7D dried mango and kaya waffles!

My most memorable trip was to:
Disneyland in Anaheim, California during my school exchange. Nothing beats feeling like a 5-year-old child in the happiest place on earth while having the spending power and meeting all the minimum height requirements for the rides!

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