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Paths Less Travelled

People don’t know this but I…
Enjoy talking to people and talking about life.

I’m currently reading:
A book called Buyology. It’s about how a consumer thinks. I’m interested in marketing so I’m reading up more about it.

Scariest thing I’ve ever done:
Take a trip around Europe by myself.

Best memory I have of Europe:
Going to the Scandinavian countries. I went for exchange there, and they’re a bit underrated. It’s quiet, yet not too quiet, and the food is really good—they have this dish called smorrdord, which is an open-faced sandwich, and I ate it all the time. They speak English so it’s easy to get around.

One thing I’ve learnt from my travels:
That anything and everything can happen; just stay safe and treasure the time as it doesn’t last forever. When I was in Stockholm, the flights were cancelled due to a strike by the pilots. We had to find alternative ways to go back, so we had to take a train and a bus. It was quite an adventure but it took five and a half hours instead of an hour’s flight.

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