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Something interesting about me:
I’m a designer by day but musician by night. I play the guitar, the ukulele and a bit of the keyboard; I make music within the four walls of my room and occasionally play outside. As a designer I like to talk about my heart and my place as a designer in the world, and I’m the founder of Designsayshello so I use that as a platform to connect my community.

How did you get into design?
I was on a service learning trip to Cambodia during my polytechnic days, and that was the first time I saw how design could actually impact lives—like how simple drawings on the playground could brighten up a kid’s day. I think from there I felt like design can do a lot more than make things pretty, but also create experiences and make things better for people through small interventions.

In my free time:
I like to travel. I think everyone likes to travel! The last few years I’ve actually been living in London, and I’m going back there to work for a couple of months. Outside of London, I think Scotland is beautiful, being in the mountains and all. I love that and we don’t get that in Singapore.

Most memorable trip:
Iceland. It’s so amazing, without a doubt. Of all the countries I’ve been to, it’s the one place that I felt like I was completely on another planet. It has this way of making you feel so small, and it’s a very humbling experience. It really puts you in your place in the world.

Best decision I’ve ever made:
Deciding to pursue what I wanted to pursue, which was to go all out with design. To actually find myself in the school that I wanted to go to, the country that I wanted to study and live in. I just went all out, and chased after my dreams.

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