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Sentimental Value

How did you end up starting your own business, Lucy & Mui, on the side?
I think that entrepreneurship was something I had always wanted to try, but only worked on after my husband and I got together. I chose to make jewellery because I associate it with having sentimental value and being happy—it marks milestones and anniversaries, so it’s a very personal and intimate thing.

Do you design the jewellery yourself?
Yes, but I didn’t have any background in designing at all. I’m very lucky to have met gemologists and designers who help me with the technical aspects of the design.

Was it tough?
Very tough. I think entrepreneurship’s nothing like what you imagine it to be. It always looks nice on the outside, but that’s after you’ve figured out the whole backend of the business.

Share a life hack.
You can succeed if you persevere at something.

Why Lucy & Mui?
It’s named after my grandmothers. I want the label to embody quality and the belief in better.

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