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How did you end up doing what you’re doing?
I come from a family that loves music. I play the piano and keyboard, and was in a band in the Philippines before moving to Singapore. I’m currently giving keyboard and singing lessons to pre-school children, as well as teaching them about music and movement.

How was it growing up in a family that loves music?
My dad never really forced us to be in the music industry, but it was a natural progression for me. My parents weren’t sure about my prospects when I was in a band, but it’s okay now because everything turned out well. (laughs)

So you moved to Singapore for work?
Yes, I was offered a good opportunity, so I decided to take it up. I was a music composer for commercials back in the Philippines, and was also doing a non-governmental project on the side to provide enrichment classes for street children who didn’t have access to education. I think education is my calling, and I was offered a job in the industry so I decided to move here.

What’re some similarities and differences between the Philippines and Singapore?
Singapore’s a really good country to be in because everything’s very organised. Like the Philippines, the people here are nice and the weather’s almost the same, so I didn’t really have to adjust a lot. The biggest difference is that my family’s not here with me.

Any favourite musicians or songs?
I’m currently listening to Tame Impala, and I like their new album, Currents.

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