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Nicol’s quite an unusual name.
People usually mistake my name for a girl’s name. I get that a lot! (laughs)

My favourite designer:
Fashion-wise, I look up to Raf Simons as someone who inspires me. Although I’m a product designer, I actually lean more towards fashion design. I’ve been taking marketing studies to help me get into the fashion industry.

My style:
Plain and simple. I try not to be overly flamboyant.

I can’t live without:
Underwear. (laughs) Proper shirts and pants, and of course, comfortable shoes.

Something interesting I’ve worked on:
During my final year project in school, I designed a flood barrier. I was inspired by the torrential rain and flash flooding throughout Singapore, and I wanted to design something to help with that problem.

Best moment of my life:
Meeting my girlfriend. We’ve been together for 5 years.

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