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Turning A Phrase

What are you currently doing?
I’m a copywriter, and it’s my lucky day today as I get to go home early. I’ve been clocking sixteen-hour days from early in the morning till midnight in the past week, but despite the demanding nature of the job, I really like what I’m doing.

Share a lifehack.
When pressed for time, convert your hairdryer into a steam iron by turing its power up and using it to iron your clothes.

Favourite TV show(s) growing up:
The OC and Gossip Girl.

Three famous people, living or dead, I’d like to have at my fantasy dinner party:
I’d like to see if Obama, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert and I have anything to talk about. 

When I’m feeling overwhelmed:
I take a long walks to nowhere or do some high-intensity interval training. 

If I could do anything I wanted to:
I’d throw a big party and invite everyone I know. 

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