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How did you start doing what you’re doing today?
I was previously doing lifestyle marketing, but I’m doing something entirely different right now: dealing with B2B work. It’s a totally new world for me because it’s technical in nature; and because we deal with business projects, it’s more serious. But everything’s coming along well actually. I’m really interested in the whole digital space right now and there are so many things changing, especially for our generation—everything is digital, print is dying.

What do you like to do during your free time?
I’d say I’m an artsy person but I don’t really do art. I like to appreciate it, especially in a musical space, so I’d try to support our local bands by going for gigs.

What do your tattoos mean?
People often ask if my tattoo, “one of two”, is referring to me as the better half of a twin, partner or sister. But actually it represents the relationship between my best friend and I. It’s really cheesy but because I’m older, I’m “one of two” and and she’s “two of two”. We were childhood friends and we’ve been friends for close to two decades now, so she’s like family to me. Actually this is our second matching tattoo. The first one we got was when we were 18, of our initials.

One thing I’ve learnt from my best friend:
To live lightly, and not take things so seriously. Don’t think too much about anything and just go with the flow.

My weirdest scar:
I got this scar on my shoulder two years ago, near Christmas, after I was knocked down by a lorry. It was quite traumatising. The crossing light was green and I was just walking across when the lorry knocked me down. No one actually helped me, so I had to stand up and go to the side of the road by myself. Thankfully I only bled and wasn’t badly injured. People still don’t really believe me when I tell them that I got this scar from an accident.

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