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Something interesting about me:
My favourite animal is the manatee, I think they’re really cute and unique. Maybe it’s partly also because I dive.

How often and where do you dive?
Maybe just once in a few months, because I’ve been quite busy. I dived in Phuket once, and I’ve also gone to Krabi.

Most memorable trip:
When I went to Lithuania on exchange, when I was studying business. Actually it was a really chill trip and that’s why I liked it. We basically ate all the local food and met some locals and we went bar hopping at night.

Favourite memory from Lithuania:
We had really good burgers! I’m a burger person.

Any goals and hopes for the new year?
I guess it’s just to be happy and also keep fit. I’ll hang out with my friends and family more, and to keep fit, to go to the gym three to four times a week.

People don’t know this but…
I’m very messy and disorganised!

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