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Was being a Data Analyst always what you wanted to do?
No, I actually studied something totally different—management maths. Data analysis needs a bit of coding language and background, which I didn’t have before. At the start it was tough, but now I’m starting to get the hang of it. I’ve been doing this for one and a half years, and it’s getting more fun.

So you’re into computers, technology etc?
I didn’t use to like all this, but I did some research after I started this job because I wanted to learn more about my work. So I started picking up skill sets.

Best decision you’ve ever made:
Joining a coding bootcamp which was part of the web development course I’m taking. I get to build something using the skills that I’ve learnt, and I’m still working on it.

When it comes to shopping for clothes for work, what do you look out for?
Actually nothing in particular, just whether or not it looks nice! The dress code is more relaxed so we can wear anything.

Philosophy that I’m living by right now:
Whatever you do, do your best. Sometimes I feel inadequate, but I just tell myself to do my best and that’s just it.

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